Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our certified AWS experts assist you with their know-how and thus help your company to progress. With cutting-edge and always up-to-date expertise in application development, DevOps(IaC), cost-optimizing, security solutions and cloud migrations, we help you build your solution.

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Get the most out of AWS

As your reliable partner, Pexon uses all services provided by AWS, such as Amazon RDS, AWS CodePipeline, AWS Lambda, AWS WAF or Amazon Cognito. Thus, we develop your high-quality, secure and scalable cloud-native application in AWS!


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Safety and compliance

Get access to comprehensive security and compliance controls. AWS has more security standards and certifications than any other cloud, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171, so we can help you meet any security and compliance requirements. Read the AWS Risk and Compliance whitepaper. Read the AWS Risk and Compliance whitepaper.
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High availability applications (HA & Disaster recovery)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a range of services and tools for deploying business-critical applications in the AWS cloud infrastructure. Together with AWS, we offer you a wide range of options to operate your business processes resiliently on AWS. In case of disaster recovery, we are perfectly equipped with automated services in AWS.

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AWS Serverless

AWS offers the largest portfolio of serverless services of any cloud provider. Choose from a broad portfolio of services. Serverless technologies feature auto-scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-as-you-go billing model, which helps increase agility and save costs. Read more:


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Modern IT Infrastructure

Start your AWS migration and get outstanding short- and long-term cost optimization for your infrastructure, including your applications, data, servers, and analytics. With a modern IT infrastructure, you can sustainably reduce the TCO of your entire IT.

Competencies in AWS

We implement these services for you in AWS.

AWS – Application Development

We support you in modernization, rebuild or serverless architectures. Whether you want to refactor existing applications and make them cloud-ready or tackle new cloud-native developments, we support you in the process

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AWS – Infrastructure

Take advantage of the diverse AWS infrastructure offering. We support you individually with your hosting requirements. Reduces server and data storage costs, optimizes system maintenance and helps you stay flexible in the market.

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AWS – Cloud Migration

Leverage our team’s extensive cloud migration experience to complete your most challenging cloud migration projects on time and on budget.

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AWS – Lambda, IAM & Security

AWS offers a wide range of security services. Use them to future-proof your IT.

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With modern IaC and CICD solutions, you automate release processes of your application teams and increase the time-to-market of your products and features.

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Featured AWS Customer Success Stories

This is what ATOS and IUBH have experienced and achieved through our service.

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AWS Multi-account architecture for a safety-critical application in the energy industry

Building a platform for the energy sector and pioneering in the public cloud. Creating a secure, stable and future-oriented AWS architecture.
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Development of a modern platform based on AWS

Full Stack Development with Microservices, Domain driven Architecture and NodeJS/VueJS in AWS.

AWS Workshops

Use our expertise in workshops to plan your next steps.

Our workshops for AWS give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and improve your skills when working with AWS technologies.

Workshop - 60 Minutes AWS Health Check
Workshop - AWS Cloud Getting Started
Workshop - AWS Well Architected Framework Review
Workshop - Assessments for Costing, Infrastructure, Migration, Security
AWS Health Check

You want to know how ready your business and IT is for the cloud ? No problem. In our AWS Health Check workshop you will learn exactly what it takes to successfully migrate to AWS cloud. We are happy to help you take the first steps on this journey!

PexonConsulting 30 min

AWS Cloud Getting Started

The Cloud Workshop for Beginners follows on directly from the AWS Health Check. Here, it is no longer just about the theoretical path to the cloud, but about the concrete steps you need to take now to make your debut in AWS cloud.

PexonConsulting 30 min

AWS Well Architected Framework Review

Do you know if your cloud infrastructure is “well architected” to achieve the desired business and technical outcomes while optimizing costs? In our AWS Well Architected Review workshop, we take a close look at all the best practices you’ve followed for architecting systems in the cloud and make specific recommendations on where there’s room for improvement. This includes cost, security, scalability, availability and much more.

PexonConsulting 30 min

Assessments for Costing, Infrastructure, Migration, Security

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Why choose Pexon Consulting?

As an AWS partner, we provide support as a competent cloud partner with regard to topics such as architecture workshops, implementation of solutions or migration of complete IT landscapes.

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AWS Partner

Pexon is an AWS partner with multi-certified architects, senior cloud engineers and application developers.

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AWS experience with customers ranging from startups and SMBs to DAX corporations

As a pure cloud consulting company, we provide support to customers ranging from startups to mid-sized companies and DAX corporations. Benefit from our know-how for customized solutions for different company sizes and requirements.

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No vendor lock-in

We advise you independently of the cloud provider, individually tailored to your business requirements. Due to our emphasis as a cloud-focused IT partner, we work exclusively in the cloud domain and can provide you with optimal advice and support during implementation.

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Free AWS Health Check

Use our free 60 minutes – AWS Health Check to get a closer look at your potential in the cloud.

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