Our Services

Higher productivity, cybersecurity and scalability with the latest cloud technology. We develop optimized and customized cloud solutions in AWS, Azure and GCP.
PexonConsulting 25 min

Amazon Web Services

Develop cloud-native applications that leverage AWS services and infrastructure.


  • Workshop – 60 Minutes AWS Health Check
  • Workshop – Amazon Web Services Einstieg
  • AWS – Cloud Migration (Application Migration Strategies: “The 6 R’s”)
  • AWS – Application Development
  • AWS – Lambda, IAM & Security
  • AWS – Enterprise IaC und CICD Pipelines
  • AWS  – Data Engineering  & Redshift
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Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud-native application development based on Microsoft stack.


  • Workshop – 60 Minutes Azure Health Check
  • Workshop – Azure Cloud Einstieg
  • Azure – Application Development
  • Azure – Cloud Migrationen
  • Azure – Active Directory, IAM & Security
  • Azure – Data Engineering Lösungen
  • Microsoft – Office365 & Microsoft Teams
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Google Cloud Plattform

Embrace the agility to accelerate your journey through the cloud continuum with GCP.


Multi & Hybrid Cloud

Kickstart innovation by driving your multi-cloud initiatives.


  • Cloud Migration
  • Multi Cloud Lösungen
  • Hybrid Cloud Lösungen
  • Operational Excellence

Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructures that monitor, protect and repair themselves.


  • Virtualisierung
  • Kubernetes
  • Serverless
  • Infrastructure as Code

Software Development

Scalable and Customized Digital Solutions for Excellent User Experiences.


  • Cloud Application Modernization
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications

Data Analytics

Technology-independent data engineering and analytics solutions for your business.


  • Data Warehouse Lösungen, Data Lakes
  • Data driven applications
    Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse
    Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue, ETL tools
    Kubernetes Argo, Apache Airflow, Spark, Kafka

Accelerate your digitization by joining the cloud

The ongoing digital transformation confronts many companies with problems leading to a drastic upheaval in IT. Classic business sectors and services are increasingly aligned with the new cloud native services, and the resulting, increasing complexity of application and infrastructure landscapes is an increasingly important challenge. At Pexon, we help you modernize your IT as the times change.

Industries we serve

  • IT
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Public sector
PexonConsulting 72 min
PexonConsulting 11 min

Pexon Consulting is a multiple certified Microsoft Gold Partner. We support our customers with any Azure issues.

Our Microsoft Azure Services:

- Azure Application Development

- Azure Cloud Migrationen

- Azure Active Directory, IAM & Security

- Azure Data Engineering Lösungen

- Office365 & Microsoft Teams

PexonConsulting 58 min

Pexon Consulting is an AWS Partner and supports +50 customers with solutions in the AWS Cloud environment

Our AWS Services:

- AWS Architektur Review

- AWS Cloud Migrationen

- AWS Application Development

- AWS Enterprise IaC und CICD Pipelines

- AWS Data Engineering  & Redshift


PexonConsulting 13 min

Pexon Consulting is also a Google Cloud Partner. Thus, we support a broad multi-cloud portfolio and help customers on their transition to Google Cloud

Our GCP Services:

- GCP Data Engineering & Analytics

- GCP Application Development

- GCP Cloud Migration

- GCP Infrastructure


How can you benefit from the cloud?

Optimize the cost, flexibility and scalability of your IT ecosystem by integrating the best of your current infrastructure into the cloud.
PexonConsulting 8 min
PexonConsulting 21 min

Digital Transformation

Modernization of legacy application landscapes & reduction of technical debt
PexonConsulting 23 min


Shortened application releases & increased performance, agility and flexibility for your applications.
PexonConsulting 22 min

Safety & Robustness

Security through (Multi) Cloud Architectures & Robust IT Infrastructure through High Availability, Scaling and Disaster Recovery.
PexonConsulting 18 min

New business opportunities

Develop outsourcing and automation of IT infrastructure. This allows you to focus on your core business.
PexonConsulting 20 min

No vendor lock-in

Vendor independent consulting and development of individual solutions.
PexonConsulting 19 min

Cost reduction

Reduce costs by migrating to the cloud and save IT costs through automation.

Leading companies already trust Pexon

We've helped great brands create infrastructure they crave.

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Featured Case Studies

Here you can find some of the projects completed by Pexon. We highlight the typical challenges faced by our clients and the solutions we have implemented.
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AWS multi-account architecture for a safety-critical application in the energy industry

Building a platform for the energy sector, pioneering in the public cloud. Creating a secure, stable and future-oriented AWS architecture.

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Automation of data flows in a cloud data warehouse

How to integrate DevOps approaches in a cloud data warehouse.

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GF - Delivery, Sales, Finance                                                                Group 8


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Head of Google Cloud                                                  Group 8

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