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Pexon Consulting GmbH specializes in IT consulting & development for Cloud, DevOps and Data. We have offices all over Germany – in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg and Hamburg.



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We are passionate about investing in others

We invest in our customers, our people and our business in ways that lead to personal and professional growth, as well as growth in our community. This means taking the time to understand each customer’s business, building a relationship with them and maximizing their potential for growth and success. For our employees, this means creating an environment that fosters personal growth, mentoring and teamwork. For the community, it means dedicating our expertise and resources to the causes that matter most to us so that others can benefit from the blessings we have received.

“Our goal is to accelerate the migration to cloud technologies in Germany”

Phillip Pham

Managing Director & Co-Founder

The Pexon Consulting GmbH Story

We started 2019 with the goal of accelerating the transition to modern cloud technologies in Germany.

October 2019
October 2019


The company Pexon Consulting GmbH is founded.
Early 2020
Early 2020

The First Projects

The two co-founders Phillip Pham and Paul Niebler implement the first customer projects regarding cloud architecture.
Mid 2020
Mid 2020

The First Employees

The first employees are used to acquire new customers and expand existing projects. By the end of 2020, Pexon has 8 permanent employees at the Frankfurt location.
Mid 2021
Mid 2021

Berlin Location

Pexon continues to grow with a total of 25 employees and opens a new office in Berlin Friedrichshain. The first employees in the Sales and HR departments join the company. Up to this point, the company has only cloud engineers.

December 2021
December 2021

Hamburg & Munich Locations

Additional locations are opened in Hamburg and Munich. Pexon has grown strongly in 2021 and is now a permanent cloud partner for many well-known customers.
February 2022
February 2022

Cloud Partner Microsoft & Google

The partnerships with the major cloud providers are being further expanded. Pexon is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Google Cloud Partner.
June 2022
June 2022

120 Employees & 6 Offices

With 120 employees and three specialist departments, AWS, Azure and GCP, we support over 80 customers from medium-sized to DAX corporations on their migration to the cloud.

The future
The future

Digitization in Germany & Europe

Our goal is to accelerate the transition to cloud technologies in Germany and Europe in order to make Germany scalable. You want to be part of our mission? Join our Pexon Journey!

Pexon Leadership

Our leadership team consists of experts with extensive experience in IT consulting & development for Cloud, DevOps and Data.


Paul Niebler

GF – Management, HR

Group 8


Phillip Pham

GF – Delivery, Sales, Finance

Group 8


Alex Nenninger

Head of Sales

Group 8


Sophia Fillmann

Head of HR

Group 8


Florian Schmidl

Enterprise Architect & Ansprechpartner Pre-Sales

Group 8


Marco Schwarz

Head of Google Cloud

Group 8


Noel Dinger

Senior Lead & Standortleiter Berlin

Group 8


Carsten Klaus

Lead Consultant & Standortleiter Hamburg

Group 8


Niclas Grande

Senior Lead & Standortleiter Frankfurt

Group 8

Pexon Offices

Thanks to our geographically dispersed offices, we can support any company in Germany.


Eifflerstraße 43
22769 Hamburg


Gubener Str. 47
10243 Berlin


Mainzer Landstraße 69-71
60329 Frankfurt am Main


Alfred-Herrhausen-Allee 3-5
65760 Eschborn


Herzogspitalstraße 24
80331 Munich

PexonConsulting 6 min
PexonConsulting 65 min
PexonConsulting 65 min
PexonConsulting 65 min
PexonConsulting 65 min
PexonConsulting 65 min
PexonConsulting 11 min

Pexon Consulting is a multiple certified Microsoft Gold Partner. We support our customers with any Azure issues.

Our Microsoft Azure Services:

- Azure Application Development

- Azure Cloud Migrationen

- Azure Active Directory, IAM & Security

- Azure Data Engineering Lösungen

- Office365 & Microsoft Teams

PexonConsulting 58 min

Pexon Consulting is an AWS Partner and supports +50 customers with solutions in the AWS Cloud environment

Our AWS Services:

- AWS Architektur Review

- AWS Cloud Migrationen

- AWS Application Development

- AWS Enterprise IaC und CICD Pipelines

- AWS Data Engineering  & Redshift


PexonConsulting 13 min

Pexon Consulting is also a Google Cloud Partner. Thus, we support a broad multi-cloud portfolio and help customers on their transition to Google Cloud

Our GCP Services:

- GCP Data Engineering & Analytics

- GCP Application Development

- GCP Cloud Migration

- GCP Infrastructure


Leading companies already trust Pexon

We've helped great brands create infrastructure they crave.

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